The Sachse lab at the Ruska Centre Jülich is welcoming applications.

Available positions

PhD and Postdoc positions – Method development of cryogenic 4D-STEM imaging+-

We are offering a compelling PhD and postdoctoral research positions dedicated to the advancement of cryo-STEM imaging methods at the interface of structural biology and materials science electron microscopy at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Cryo-EM has become a very powerful method to visualize ice-embedded samples including purified proteins at close to atomic resolution. Single-particle cryo-EM as well as cryo-ET are based on conventional transmission electron microscopy (TEM) exposures taken in underfocus. In this project, we aim to further develop the imaging capabilities based on 4D-STEM including differential phase contrast as well as ptychography in order to apply them to vitrified biological specimens.

Your tasks include:
- Develop novel methods for the application of 4D-STEM methods to biological specimens.
- Operate high-resolution electron microscopes with ice-embedded biological samples including hybrid pixel detectors.
- Perform image analysis of 4D-STEM data to determine high-resolution cryo-EM structures of ice-embedded test specimens and in situ cellular samples.
- Employ advanced imaging methods together with an interdisciplinary team of physicists and structural biologists.

For more details on the application in the Sachse group, please refer to the recruitment site for more details or do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

Postdoc position

PhD position


Carsten Sachse

Phone: +49 2461 61-2030
email: c.sachse@fz-juelich.de
Webpage:  www.fz-juelich.de/sachse