These publications are relevant for the 4D-BioSTEM project.

For a complete list of the publications of our three labs, please see at the respective homepages of our groups.


Broadening application spectrum of iDPC-STEM imaging from beam sensitive solid materials to biological and cryo nano-particles using single particle analysis

Lazic, I., Wirix, M., Mann, D., Filopoulou, A., Leidl, M.L., Müller-Caspary, K., Meingast, A., Carlsson, A., de Haas, F., Sachse, C.

Microscopy and Microanalysis 29(S_1), 307-308 (2023)

Dynamical scattering in ice-embedded proteins in conventional and scanning transmission electron microscopy

Leidl, M.L, Sachse, C., Müller-Caspary, K.

IUCrJ 10(4), 475-486 (2023)


Single-particle cryo-EM structures from iDPC–STEM at near-atomic resolution

Lazic, I., Wiris, M., Leidl, M.L., de Haas, F., Mann, D., Beckers, M., Pechnikova, E.V., Müller-Caspary, K., Egoavil, R., Bosch, E.G.T., Sachse, C.

Nature Methods 19, 1126-1136 (2022)


Focus: The interface between data collection and data processing in cryo-EM

Biyani, N., Righetto, R., McLeod, R., Caujolle-Bert, D., Castano-Diez, D., Goldie, K., Stahlberg, H.

J. Struct. Biol. 198(2), 124-134 (2017)